Sode no Shiriyaki is a shapeshifting sword created by Equestria Daily roleplaying user TundraStanza.

Relationship with White Snow Edit

Sode no Shiriyaki vowed to protect White Snow at all costs. A dig of information shows Shiriyaki holds the will of White's mother, and got embedded into White's soul. Despite not being her mother, Sode still vows to protect her, since Snow tends to use too much energy and exhaust herself. If wielding Shiriyaki, only White can have additional ice powers.

Abilities Edit

  • Some no Mai: An ice circle that forms into a pillar, trapping anypony not strong enough inside.
  • Tsugi no Mai: Four streams of ice wind more hectic and horizontal than Some no Mai.
  • Sode no Shiriyaki can turn into an alicorn with jade colored armor.
  • In her pony form, Sode no Shiriyaki can perform some of the powers White Snow can.

Personality Edit

All that is known about Sode no Shiriyaki's personality is she likes a calming cup of hot tea and doesn't like being called "Sleevy".

Trivia Edit

  • If Sode no Shiriyaki ever broke, she would take the form of a broken katana and reside in White Snow's subconscious.
  • White Snow can summon Sode no Shiriyaki from anywhere, and cannot be harmed by her.