Current look of Orion Pink (Drawn by Forest Feather)

Orion Pink is the RP character/OC of multi-site user TmanFate. Orion is a thin half bat pony, meaning he has almost all the characteristics of a bat pony, excluding wings and has a normal pony diet. He has a red coat with a brown mane and tail, and has blue eyes.

Backstory Edit

Not much is known about Orion Pink. All ponies know is his life is dark. As shown on, only Luna knows his back story.

Personality Edit

Orion Pink is one of those nostalgic ponies, meaning he mainly likes older stuff. He occasionally likes newer things, especially Cheese Sandwich's parodies. He is generally kind, but some quirks in his mind makes him annoyed easily, sometimes being violent when angered. He seems to like being licked and really likes fluffy things and video games. Orion can actually last a few hours of physical harm. His cutie mark is a computer with part of a Guitar Hero controller showing.

Trivia Edit

  • Orion Pink's name was inspired by the fan fiction "Rainbow Factory", as TmanFate compared his real life school to the fan fiction, and Orion being the first of the three main characters to get killed. The Pink part came from the album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, as he feels he is going through a similar life as the character from the album.
  • Orion went through a number of physical changes before his so far final.